The basic facts

The development of the projects is subjected to the following principles:


The projects are initiated by local people and are implemented by Ugandan project managers.


The cooperation is based on partnership and equality: ideas from Uganda or Germany will be discussed and evaluated together, to be able to reach a solution commonly accepted.


The declared aim is to stimulate sustainable development, especially in rural areas, to play a role in contributing to improve and maintain the quality of life of Ugandan people.

Sustainability emerges through better possibilities for an independent life without existential poverty (for example school education, training and income generating activities),but also when structural basics are improved and enhanced (for example: water supply and healthcare).


Equal rights and opportunities for women and men shall be promoted specifically: gender based aspects will be included in the development of projects.


The communication between people from Uganda and Germany contributes to the resolution of conflicts and helps to overcome prejudices. Intercultural learning and a careful, sensitive way of dealing with cultural features on both sides is crucial for the cooperation.